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Why does Law of Attraction not work for you?

Why does Law of Attraction not work for you?

by OfficialTEB

People often give up after a while when it seems that the law of attraction isn’t yielding favorable results. But 100% of the time, people fail to realize that it is not The Secret that fails, but it is the incorrect application of the law that brings discouragement.


The Law of attraction works regardless of whether you believe it or not.

We often try to solve problems using visualization methods. But our connection with the source and our vibrational alignment is what matters the most, not the problem itself.

Take for example that you have a desire to buy your first house. You may visualize it everyday religiously; maintain a visualization diary to write things down, even take actions and set goals in the right direction, but until you connection with source energy is strong, no amount of visualization will help. If you can sustain that connection, the problem will evaporate gradually.

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If you are the creator of your own reality and the Universe is responding to the way you use the law of attraction, then you are at the center of your point of attraction. The Universe is responding to your habit of thoughts and vibrational being.

So, if you are fearful or unhappy and always complaining, your point of attraction is different from what you desire. Your emotions are an indicator of what your vibration is like. As a result, you will attract things, people and situations that are in alignment with your fearful or unhappy emotion.

There should never be a mismatch of energies between what you truly desire and how you truly feel. You can desire to manifest your dream house, a person or a situation in your life, but if you subconsciously harbor doubts, then these will rarely manifest. There are countless real life accounts of people, people like you, who have successfully applied the technique. A common underlying theme in all these successful cases was that there was an unshakeable belief within these people that what they had dreamed and desired was going to happen. They didn’t know how it would happen, but they just knew that their desires will somehow manifest. They acknowledge that there was a power in the Universe far greater than themselves and all they had to do was believe…and leave it to the Universe to deliver.

This is why when we try to manifest, we should feel the emotions of already possessing what we desire. If we vibrate with the emotion of disappointment, disbelief, sadness, hurt or fear, no amount of visualization will help. On the other hand, if we vibrate with the emotion of joy, faith and love, things are attracted to us in unimaginable ways.

Now, you must have noticed that sometimes, the harder you try to manifest something, the more resistance you encounter due to this vibrational mismatch. This misalignment can always be overcome if we step back for a bit and focus on what makes us happy instead of what we desire.

You are source energy in human form, but a large part of your source energy is still non-material, existing in the etheric plane. You are still intricately attached to that non-physical eternal energy that you have sprung out from. That is your true vibrational nature. This is the connection that you have to sustain.

A vibrational variance happens when your negative emotions are in misalignment with this source energy. In the absence of the desired vibration, it cannot continue to be your experience. So, if you are unhappy, grumpy or hopeful but not believing, then that is the reality you will manifest. That is what your point of attraction gives you.

This is an indication for you to let go. Just stop pushing and let the things you have desired go for a while. Just let it go. Sometimes the things that matter to you the most don’t make you feel the best. During such circumstances, it is best to just let go of focusing on all that matters and instead focus on the little things that make you happy.

Be grateful for the good sleep you had when you wake up in the morning, be grateful for the warm shower or the bright sunshine outside that makes you happy, think about the neighbor’s dog you get to pet each day, be grateful of the roof over your head, the food on your plate and the job you can go to each day. Smile at strangers, pause on your walk and admire the brightly colour flower on the sidewalk, thank the Universe for good health and get lost in the awe of just being alive at the greatest moment in human history. In other words, take a break from forcing a manifestation and instead focus on increasing your vibration to that of happiness, love and faith. Wake up each day and be in vibrational alignment with the source within you.

It should be your intention to maintain that vibrational alignment. By focusing on the things that make you happy, you temporarily pull out of the negative emotions that were causing a vibrational misalignment. It is only now that you may start thinking and visualizing about what you truly desire, what truly matters, and slowly give shape to the reality that you would like to manifest.


Once you do that, you will see that the process of manifestation becomes effortless. Things that you desire do not take long to show up in your life. It may so happen that your connection with the source energy becomes so strong that situations automatically come in to fulfil your desires, without you having put in the effort to visualize it. Divine synchronicities and coincidences will become normal. The Universe will align itself to meet your desires. You will move swiftly yet calmly through life with a vibration that says that you know where you are going and you’re being reality in your favor. This is when the center point of your attraction is in complete alignment with what you desire and has a deep connection with source energy.

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