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How can your mind heal your body?

How can your mind heal your body?

by OfficialTEB

Henry Beecher, a medic during World War II, was tasked with attending to the wounded soldiers that arrived at his camp. As the bodies started piling up, Beecher was running out of morphine which was used as an effective pain killer for serious injuries. Frantic to find a solution, Beecher started giving the wounded soldiers a simple and harmless saline solution but continued telling them that it was morphine. What he found astonished him.


Even though he had administered just a saline solution, the soldiers could see a drastic reduction in pain. One thing was for certain, the pain relief was NOT coming from the saline solution. Based on his research a few years after the war ended, Beecher published a paper titled “The Powerful Placebo.”

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A placebo effect is when medicine or treatment of no medical value is given to patients who are unaware of this dummy treatment, and they experience a significant health improvement. In simple terms, you give the patient a sugar pill instead of medicine and he still gets cured because he thinks it’s real medicine.

Placebos have been used for a very long time and date back to even the 1500s. The most notable account of that of British physician John Haygarth who used fake wooden Perkins tractors to successfully treat rheumatism. Haygarth published a book called ‘On the Imagination as a Cause and as a Cure of Disorders of the Body.’ While it does not use the term ‘Placebo’, it aligns with what Beecher experienced with his saline solution in the world war.

In all these instances, we find one common denominator. It is that the mind can have a powerful influence on the body. The mind can not only shape your reality but in many cases, it can even help you heal yourself. All you need to do is truly believe that it can. If the mind can be tricked with fake treatments, imagine how healthy you can be if you truly believed in the power of the mind without having to trick it.

Most people today still believe that their genes control everything. This is a lie that has been propagated by modern materialistic science. But science has not even explored 1% of our reality, so what do we really know?

Every cell in your body is like a living battery. A membrane potential for a cell is said to be around 0.07 volts. Now there are 30 trillion cells in the human body. This means that there are 2.1 trillion volts of potential in your body. This life force in your body has often been called by different names like Chi or Prana. If you could channel and focus this energy with training and meditation, you can use it to live a healthy life.

The only reason you are alive is that you have this life force in the body. It is this Prana, that has given your body life. Without this energy, you are just meat. Without the soul, the body is reduced to nothing but flesh and bones, a mass of protein that has no energy in itself. So, if someone is dead, they still have this protein organic mass. The only thing lacking then is the signal or the energy that gives life to this matter. The signal has to enter the organic matter for it to become animated.

So, if we think about it for a minute, we will understand that there are only two things that could cause a disease. Either the organic matter you were born into, your body, is bad…or the signal, that is the energetic connection, is bad.

When we say bad organic matter, it just means being differently-abled and it is usually a case of a birth defect that constitutes about 6% of the population. This means that 94% of the population should be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life. But this is rarely the case. Why is it then that there are so many sick people in the world?

The answer is that the signal, or the energetic connection, is bad. Now you could weaken your energetic connection in one of three ways. If you have a serious accident for no fault of your own that led to a back or head injury, it could mess the connection. The second way is through toxins. If you eat too many processed foods that have been made with chemicals, or you consume too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or other harmful substances, you are putting toxins in your body that interfere with your energetic connection to the divine.

The third reason that results in a weakening of our energetic connection is thoughts. This is by far the most dangerous factor for ill health and also the least known. Your mind is so powerful that it can cause disease just as it can cure a disease. Now you know how the mind can cure the body with the placebo effect. Just like the placebo effect, there is a nocebo effect, which is just the opposite. A nocebo effect is said to occur when a patient’s negative thoughts regarding a treatment or medicine cause it to have a more negative outcome than expected. So, if you’re given a sugar pill and told that it is a drug that could have a side effect, your mere negative thoughts could make your body exhibit terrible side effects that would otherwise not have manifested. It is not just restricted to the medical field thought. It could affect everything else too. If you order food from your favourite takeaway and think that the food might be bad and make you sick before eating it, the probability of you falling sick increases. This is why you see people with hypochondria always manifest symptoms of illnesses, when in fact they’re completely fine and healthy.

Your mind is that powerful. It could make you sick or it could heal you depending on how you channel your thoughts. If you change your thoughts, you can change the biology of the body. The mind has become the primary cause of illness in our world today. To control thoughts, you need to control only one thing: Perception. How you perceive something is what defines your thoughts. How you see the world controls your biology.

Most people have been misinformed regarding genes. They believe that genes in the body control everything and make the decisions. This is not true. The genes are not turned on or off like people have been led to believe. You see people say that they got sick because it was the bad genes in the family or a genetic predisposition. In such cases, genes have little role to play in the sickness.

A gene is like a blueprint. It is like a set of codes that already exists in your body. It is either read or not read. The genes are controlled by your energetic imprint, which in turn are controlled by thoughts. What you think controls the information. You are not a victim of your genes since you have the power to change how you read them at any time.

Studies have now shown that biological kids of parents with a certain illness did not exhibit that illness when they were taught to think and perceive in a certain way, even though the genes should have made them sick. On the other hand, adopted kids who had not inherited the genes from their parents still exhibited similar illnesses in the family because they perceived and thought a certain way. This new field of study, called Epigenetics, has now proved to us that your thoughts and environment can affect how your genes work. Epigenetic control does not alter your DNA sequence but merely controls how your body reads the DNA sequence. Your gene blueprint can make thousands of different proteins with epigenetic control. This means that you can be born into a perfectly healthy family and still think yourself into sickness and manifest diabetes or even cancer. It is not the genes, but the epigenetics that is playing a role. This is a massive discovery because you directly become responsible for your health. You are no longer a victim of your genes, but a master of your thoughts.

Epigenetics can be passed on to the next generation, just like genes, but unlike genes, epigenetics can be changed at any time. If you change how you perceive things, you can change how the body reads the genes. If you believe that you are going to get a disease, then you will manifest it. On the other hand, if you believe that you will live a healthy life, that will become your reality. It is that simple.

You are a collection of 30 trillion cells that are intelligent and sentient on their own. But as a community, they will respond to a central voice. Your thoughts are those voices. The mind receives signals from your environment, perceives and interprets the signal, and sends the information to the body that then reads the genes. Thus, belief is an important part of a healthy life. A belief that a healthy life is possible for you, a belief in the power of your mind to change your body, and a belief in the miracle of the Universe.

So, if the power lies with you to lead a healthy life, why do you get sick? The reason is stress. Modern society is designed in a way to elevate stress levels and reduce any calms effects on the mind. When you wake up in the morning, you check your phone before you even get out of bed. Social media causes low self-esteem and creates stress. When you finally get out of bed, you are stressed to get ready and leave for work. When you finally leave, you’re stressed because you’re stuck in traffic and annoyed by the incessant honking. Then you spend your day stressed to meet deadlines, come home stressed, and order unhealthy food that you swallow before hitting the bed. You repeat this 5 days a week and when the weekend finally arrives you go out with friends and drown your stress with alcohol and entertainment. This continues for 40 odd years and you wonder why you fall sick.

The human body was not designed for stress. It is abnormal. When you see a squirrel or a bird on a tree, it is not worrying about its next meal. It doesn’t even know whether the next meal is gonna come or not, but it lives its life joyously free of stress, living in this moment. This is what we have lost in touch with. Stress channels the energy into a fight or flight response, and away from the most important function: to build immunity. By constantly being in this survival mode and with a lowered immunity, your body becomes susceptible to sickness.


You don’t have to treat the disease. You just have to treat the stress. Having mindfulness breaks throughout the day, practicing meditation, spending time in nature, and healing modalities will alleviate a lot of the stress of our modern-day life. Changing our perception of the world and the way we think and feel will make sure the epigenetic control reads the gene blueprint correctly. If you think about it, you’d realise that have to make very little effort at leading a healthy life. You merely need to return to your true self and strengthen the signal to your energetic source.

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