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The secret mechanics behind how The Law of Attraction works

by OfficialTEB

With each moment that you spend living here, you have an experience of what you would describe as ‘the world’. Whether it is going to the coffee shop, watching the sunset or watching dogs play, these set of experiences may seem just regular occurrences to you.


However, this world is malleable and experiences can be shaped to your will if you only choose to. If you believe that this world is only physical and nothing exists beyond this realm, there will be no conscious manifestation.

On the other hand, if you understand that there is an observer and there is a reality that is being observed, then manifestation takes place in a conscious way. Since everything around you is energy on a vibrational level, the perceptual experiences can be changed if you believe that the physical world around us is being perceived by the mind.

Reality thus become malleable. Like a hot iron that can be struck and given any shape, you can use ‘Law of Attraction’ to modulate reality to your liking if you understand that the perceiver and the perceived are entangled in this reality.

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People are governed by their sensory experiences. When you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smell of food being cooked, your favourite song being played on the radio or the sight of a beautiful tree. Each one of these experiences are sensory in nature. We are governed by our senses. They make you feel a certain way about the world.

Most of the time, people are not consciously paying attention to these sensory experiences. Their mind is on autopilot and they do things subconsciously without actually paying attention. <1 Second Pause> Take your body as an example. You feel nothing special about it at the moment. But if you bring attention to your toes, you will feel a sensation in your toes. Now if you shift your attention on to your forehead, you feel a sensation there. Conscious attention to the sensory experience changes the experience we have.

Just like the sensory experience, you have the motor experience, which involves movement. You smile, walk, talk, laugh or pick up objects, all of which form your motor experience.

You can change the experience you would like to have by simply changing your actions through these motor experience. For example, you could be feeling cold outside. By walking indoors, you change the experience you are having from cold to warm. By changing your action through the motor experience, you consciously change your sensory experience.

A firm intention always precedes each one of the actions. What it means is that intentions change your reality. Without an intention, you would not take an action and without an action, you would not be able to change the experiences that you have.

In other words, intentions manifest what you desire in your life. This is why you hear people say that we need to set a positive intention when trying to manifest or to set the intention to achieve a goal. It is the intention that starts the process of action and corresponding change in experience.

The noted business transformation consultant Andrew Wallas has said, “Intention is a superpower which when used correctly aligns us to our purpose and helps fulfil our heart’s work.” However, it is not only in business that this principle is applied, but it is a universal law that is encoded in reality. People have only applied it in various ways and in various areas of life to achieve success.

With every action that you take with intent, you are literally bending space and time, and thus changing reality to give you the experience that you desire. Each one of you is doing that right now, either consciously or unconsciously.

A simple web search will tell you that “Metacognition” is an awareness of one’s own thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them. What it really means is that a conscious attention to your sensory experience, an understanding of these experiences and using your free will to shape or change these experiences is Metacognition.


We are responsible for almost every experience we go through in our life. This just means that everyone in our world is collectively manifesting through the process of perception and intention. The ability to consciously make the choice gives form to your reality. The power lies within you to change the way you experience this world. You can start wherever you are right now, and write a new story.

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