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Water Memory: How water reacts to thoughts OfficialTEB

Water memory: Here’s how water reacts to consciousness and energy

by OfficialTEB

Right from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the moment we go back to sleep at night, water plays a huge role in our survival that is second only to air. Whether it is just brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or quenching your thirst, water is there to save your life. It is the only fluid to exist naturally in 3 states and the only fluid which is less dense when frozen. It is something so common and easily available to us that we take it for granted and overlook the fact that water is a spiritual liquid. Not only is water a spiritual fluid, it is sensitive to energy and water has memory. Just like all living beings have memory, “water memory” is real.

“The memory of life arrived on this earth carried by the soul of water. From this memory, life awoke, the human being emerged.” – Masaru Emoto, Hidden Messages in Water

Born in 1885, Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester who first studied and closely observed water. Being in-charge of acres of forest land, Schauberger developed such a keen interest in water that he could predict how streams and rivers would behave. His acute sense of understanding of water during a time when technology was not developed, helped modern day researchers to build upon his observations.

He formed radical theories on water after refusing to attend University at the age of 18, instead choosing to become a forester and spend time in nature to perceive the subtle energies of water. Schauberger first noticed that water had a characteristic behaviour and acted in different ways when exposed to different conditions like light or temperature. Schauberger’s theories were tested out and validated by Dr. Ing. Franz Popel, a hydraulics specialist at the Stuttgart University of Technology, West Germany in 1952.

In 1988, 103 years after Schauberger’s birth, a French immunologist and scientist by the name Dr. Jacques Benveniste shocked the scientific community around the world, when he published a paper in the scientific journal Nature claiming that water had memory. Many others claimed Dr. Benveniste’s work was how homeopathy could be explained. Dr. Benveniste and his team conducted experiments on allergic reactions by diluting anti-IgE antibody in water to such an extent that there was no possibility of even a single molecule of it remaining in water. Yet, degranulation of human basophile cells (allergic reaction) were observed just as it would appear with real non-diluted samples. Dr. Benveniste demonstrated the ability of water to retain information even after exponential dilutions. This was later coined as “Water Memory”.


Dr. Benveniste had impeccable credentials in the scientific community and risked his flawless reputation to publish this discovery which was branded as ‘fake science’ and ‘pseudoscience’ by his peers. The Nature journal even went on to debunk his study by hiring sceptics such as James Randi amongst other known names. Since his study could not be reproduced under skeptical supervision, it was looked down upon and he was discredited. By the mid 90’s, his funding was taken away and he was fired from his job. Dr. Benveniste had published close to 230 scientific papers in many journals in his career and there was little to prove that he would have faked such an experiment but his study on water received an unfair treatment and was buried away.

One man who believed Dr. Jacques Benveniste and his study on water was the French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV virus and eventually won the Nobel Prize for it. Dr. Montagnier picked up where Dr. Benveniste left off and continued his research on water. He is facing the same backlash from the scientific community that Dr. Benveniste did.

In 2009, Dr. Montagnier published a highly controversial paper called ‘Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences’ which was met with criticism. The paper stated that DNA from bacteria and virus is able to emit specific radio waves when highly diluted in water. It also mentioned that “these radio waves [are] associated with ‘nanostructures’ in the solution that might be able to recreate the pathogen.” Dr. Montagnier made a digital copy of these signals and exposed another water sample at a remote location to these digitized signal to recreate the DNA. In other words, Dr. Montagnier had successfully managed to teleport DNA information digitally. This proved that water had the ability to ‘remember’ information.

In 2010, he told the academic journal Science, “It’s possible that electromagnetic waves at some frequency will kill the waves produced by bacterial DNA.” Dr. Montagnier’s work on water has been groundbreaking just like his predecessors but due to the immense backlash, Dr. Montagnier left his home country and went to China to continue his research on water where he finds the scientific community to be more tolerant and open minded. Dr. Montagnier’s findings mean that frequencies can be used for curing ailments and healing people.

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A water molecule contains 1 Oxygen and 2 Hydrogen atoms. Multiple water molecules have the ability to join with each other forming a cluster. You can imagine it as a group of kids holding hands in a circle. Matter cannot get into this enclosed cluster. However, electromagnetic information can get into this space and can be trapped there. This is how water retains memories.

Water kept in 2 beakers climb the glass to form a bridge as long as 2 centimetres when both samples are subjected to high voltage charge (University of Technology, Graz)

Between Dr. Benveniste’s breakthrough in 1988 and Dr. Montagnier’s research in 2009, Dr. Masaru Emoto published his findings about water in 1999 in “Messages of Water”. Dr. Emoto was a Japanese researcher who has authored several books on his findings about water. Dr. Emoto claimed that consciousness and thoughts have a profound effect on the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto performed his experiments by exposing separate samples of water to both positive and negative thoughts & words. After freezing the water and observing the resulting crystals under a microscope, Dr. Emoto found that the crystalline structure showed vastly different shape patterns depending upon what intention was given to it. While the samples exposed to a positive intention showed pleasing patterns, the samples exposed to a negative intention showed patterns that were not pleasant.

Effect of thoughts and emotions on water in an experiment conducted by Dr. Emoto.

Through his experiments, Dr. Emoto concluded that the structure of water could be changed by energy and vibration. Dr. Emoto also claimed that depending on the source, water would produce different structures. A sample taken from a naturally occurring mountain spring would significantly differ from a polluted water source, which in turn would differ from a bottled water being sold or water from human tears. Every source will have its signature structure and is unique.

Water samples from different sources.

It was not just words or thoughts that water reacted to. Water also reacted to music during the study. While Mozart or Bach produced beautiful patterns when observed under a microscope, heavy metal music produced structures that are not considered pleasant. Water also reacted to prayers, pictures and surroundings. It was as if water was responding to its environment. Dr. Emoto also repeated the experiments with rice grains submerged in water and saw similar results.

If just thoughts, words and the environment have such a profound effect on water, imagine what our thoughts would do to our body which is made up of 60% to 70% water. This is why the power of positive thinking is incredibly important as explained in the article on thoughts. Your thoughts will shape your reality and also keep you healthy. Since these studies, more and more scientists have taken a keen interest in water with studies being done in Russia, Austria, US, Israel, India and so on.

The reason I have mentioned the scientific research conducted on water is because I would like you to understand that each time a Scientific study starts supporting Spirituality, it is dismissed with labels such as “fake” and “pseudoscience”. In fact, mainstream science is not willing to accept the fact that Spirituality is the real basis for science. Science would progress at exponential rates if the Spiritual side of Science is acknowledged. It is difficult for some people to accept that science that has been taught to us is very limited, narrow and basic. The real science is the science of the esoteric that lies in the Spiritual realm.

Water could be considered as one of the points where Science and Spirituality meet. By taking Water as an example, we can understand that these are not two distinct subjects but one that is merged into another, if you broaden your mind  and come to accept the truth.

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it” ― Masaru Emoto

The spiritual nature of water was long known to mankind before Viktor Schauberger or the others started observing water. Water was always considered a divine entity and treated with much respect before humans lost touch with ancient knowledge. Ancient civilization such as the Egyptian, Indian or Chinese were situated near water bodies. These civilizations understood the role water played in spiritual nourishment.

Even today, water hold an incredible symbolic meaning in religion. While Hindus use water in every single ritual & ceremony right from birth up until death, Christians use water in Baptism. In Buddhist traditions too, water plays an equally important role. In Taoism, water represents wisdom as it takes the path of least resistance. Many pilgrimage sites today are also located near water bodies, similar to the ancient civilizations.

If you have read my article on chakras, you would know that the Swadhisthana chakra is the centre of emotions and it’s element is water. Just like your emotions can be calm or fiery, water can be calm or turbulent. Feng Shui, which is the art of arranging objects in a space for free flow of Qi (energy), also considers water as a vital element to bring positive energies. For example, bathroom is considered a potential place where Qi could leak. Leaking water taps can lead to loss of money and wealth.

Plants grow faster and are more vibrant when they are given water that is blessed with positive intentions. They will require little water to grow if given water that has been blessed. A common myth people believe in is that we need a lot of water to survive. But personally speaking, I do not drink more than 2 liters of water per day. The reason to this could be that in the past 9 years, not a single day has gone by when I haven’t blessed my water with positive words and affirmations before drinking it.

When you see a naturally occurring spring on a mountain, a lake or a beach, you feel fresh, vitalized and you feel relaxed because the energy that the water carries while flowing naturally is ingrained in their structure as beautiful patterns. But the water that we get in our homes from our taps are not naturally flowing. It is forcefully pumped through pipelines with lots of 90 degree turns which destroys the beautiful molecular structure of water. The chemical structure remains the same but the molecular structure is damaged. The water we drink may be clean, but it is lifeless.

The water we get at our home is traumatized and abused spiritually because of all the forceful pumping and chemical treatment. Drinking such waters will only do you harm. Letting this water settle in a pot or a bottle for a little while (preferably copper or brass pot) before drinking it will do a world of good for the structure of the water. The abused water can also be healed by various energy healing techniques like Reiki or Pranic healing to make them positive and beautiful for drinking again.

Pollution from industries also traumatizes water. No matter how many times you clean, purify, distill and recycle the water, it will remember the trauma and abuse that it has undergone during the chemical process. The forceful pumping adds to the pain. Information pollution of water (sustained memories of abuse) is as dangerous as chemical pollution. In this case, healing the water bodies around the planet in a meditation session every week will help. Keeping ‘Orgone Energy’ pyramids or crystals near chemical treatment plants will help restore the beautiful structure of water and heal it. Orgone energy and crystals will be discussed in a separate article.

Crystals are great way to purify the energy of water. Putting energy cleansed crystals in a glass of water for a few minutes before drinking it will redefine the molecular structure of water and make it suitable for your mind, body, soul and spirit. You can literally remove the old information of trauma from water and introduce new information of healing.

Our connection with water extends beyond this realm. It is a divine connection that begins even before birth when a fetus is in amniotic fluid consisting of 98% water. One simply cannot survive more than a day or two without water. Despite the progress made in the last hundred years, what we know about water is just a drop. The whole ocean is yet to be understood. Like the ancient civilizations, we will one day fully understand the true spiritual nature of water and its subtle energies at play in the higher realm. Until then, respect water as a divine entity, send positive thoughts to it and heal it.

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