Multiple Dimensions: This is what you need to know

The existence of “Multiple Dimensions” is a theory made famous by science, but this has been realised and understood in the spiritual circle way before science took the first steps in this direction. We will look at dimensions, not from a scientific perspective, but from a Spiritual eye. It is important to understand the concept […]

Cymatics, Solfeggio and Binaural Beats: How sound can benefit us

When we speak about the word “healing”, what instantly comes to mind is energy healing, crystals, chakras, Reiki, past life regression and so on. ‘Sound’ rarely crosses our mind. Sound is not thought of as something that can be used in meditation or healing sessions or anything remotely associated with Spirituality. But it is one […]

The Power of Thoughts: How your thoughts shape your reality

If the mind, body, soul and spirit are in alignment, you can use the power of thoughts to manifest the life that you desire. This isn’t fringe pseudo science. This is the universal truth that had been buried for centuries and has resurfaced again at just the right time. Every action requires a thought. Whether […]