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Multiple Dimensions: This is has been hidden from you

by OfficialTEB

The existence of “Multiple Dimensions” is a theory made famous by science, but this has been realized and understood in the spiritual circle way before science took the first steps in this direction. We will look at dimensions, not from a scientific perspective, but from a Spiritual eye.

It is important to understand the concept of dimensions in spirituality because the majority of miracles that occur are manifested from a higher plane of existence or in other words a higher dimension. All kinds of spiritual practices such as energy healing, channeling, meditation, astral projection and so on, also have a close correlation with dimensions.

The simplest way to understand dimensions in spirituality is to think of a radio. If you’re located in London and you are listening to BBC Radio 1 on your earphones, you are probably on the 97.1 FM station. It is a channel of radio wave having a characteristic frequency and wavelength of it’s own. But unknown to you and your radio, BBC Radio London is playing on 94.9 FM station. You cannot hear the Radio London station (since you are tuned into Radio 1 97.1 FM) or see Radio London station but it exists nonetheless.

“The world is awash with colours unseen and abuzz with unheard frequencies. Undetected and disregarded. The wise have always known that these inaccessible realms, these dimensions that cannot be breached by our beautifully blunt senses, hold the very codes to our existence, the invisible, electromagnetic foundations upon which our gross reality clumsily rests.” Russell Brand

You could be travelling on the tube and your fellow passenger may be tuned into Radio London. But you will be living your life unaware of the fact that just a few feet away, Radio London is tuned into someone’s device, just like they are unaware that Radio 1 is tuned into your device. Your paths will cross, unaware of the fact that just adjusting the frequency of your device is all it takes for you two, to be on the same radio station, on the same frequency.

The radio in this example is you. You are the device. You are a vessel with a vibration and a frequency. The radio station represents a dimension. Just like your radio is tuned into Radio 1, currently, you are tuned in the 3rd dimension of existence where you see objects that appear solid and other people like you. There is no possibility of you seeing other dimensions since you are tuned completely into 3D and so you go about your normal lives unaware of other dimensions. The minute you raise your vibration and frequency (just as a radio that changes station), you will connect with a different dimension or a different reality. You will understand the existence of other worlds beyond your own.

During channeling, when a medium speaks with a spirit that has passed over or when you communicate with your spiritual guide, you are literally connecting with a being that exists in a different dimension. You communicate with a being in a different reality without the aid of any instrument other than your own body and mind. The world that this being exist in is a “dimension” which is different from yours. The realm you enter during astral projection is also a different dimension (considered to be the 4th dimensions by many in Spirituality).

“The only difference between people who say they cannot perceive inter-dimensionally and people who consciously communicate inter-dimensionally is intent and practice. Most people access inter-dimensional information unconsciously. When they experience conscious contact with a non-human energy, they tend to pass it off as a curiosity or as intuition, or they cancel out the experience as too weird to deal with.” Atala Dorothy Toy, We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Inter-dimensional Cooperation

Dimensions cannot be visualized with X, Y & Z axis plotted on a graph. The dimensions of human consciousness is a concept that science has yet to understand completely. Many scientists often consider ‘Time’ as the 4th dimension. The concept of time ceases to exist in higher dimensions from a Spiritual point of view. Time is inherent in the 3rd dimension in our world but higher dimensions transcend time. In our world, time appears to be liner where the past happened followed by the present that is happening followed by the future that will happen.

Spiritually speaking, everything happens in the here and now. The past, present and future occur simultaneously at this moment. It is us that perceive it in a linear way. Once you are able to connect to a higher dimension, you will be able to step outside time and view everything happen simultaneously (like how Matthew McConaughey’s character ‘Cooper’ can view past, present & future happening simultaneously in the movie Interstellar).

It is only now that Quantum Physics has begun to reveal the similarities between spirituality and science via concepts such as superposition, string theory and so on. Quantum Physics is the explanation of Spirituality. This is the area where science and Spirituality are in agreement and become one.

Multiple Dimension has been a part of various ancient cultures. This is not a new concept being discovered. This knowledge has been in existence for thousands of years. According to Hindu mythology, there are 64 dimensions in existence which has been mentioned in many Puranas. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show beings called Neters making a 90 degree turn up the drawings which depict a change as they enter a new dimension.

A Piano has 12 sets of keys (7 white and 5 black) which make up the “Octave”. These octaves keep repeating on a piano thus giving about 7 octaves on a piano. When you press a key on the octave, the sound that is produced has a frequency and wavelength. The lower the pitch on the octave, the longer the wavelength and lower the frequency. The higher the pitch on the octave, the shorter the wavelength and higher the frequency. Every living being emits a certain frequency like the key on this octave. Lower the dimension, longer the wavelength and vice versa.

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Objects that you see around yourself (even your own body) are made of solid matter. But my article on thoughts explained how everything is made up of energy. The reason we “appear” to be solid even though we are made up of energy is because we are vibrating at a very low frequency.

By raising your vibration, you will literally change your frequency (like a radio) and this is how different realities or dimensions are experienced. If you change the wavelength and frequency of your vibration through Spiritual practices, you can literally disappear from the 3 dimensional world and appear someplace else.

It is a common misconception that dimension is something that exists in outer space or some other galaxy. Dimension just means a different reality (like the astral world). So, it could exist in the same space as you but a different frequency. It could share the same space as you, yet you would not see it due to a difference in frequency. It is not necessarily something that is out there.

You do not need to physically go to another dimensions to view it. You can develop the ability to view other worlds remotely while you are here in your world. The way to do it is by opening your third eye chakra, also called your Ajna Chakra which was explained in my article on chakras. With practices such as meditation, energy healing, and psychedelic experiences under the supervision of a shaman, could help in opening your third eye chakra. Once the third eye is opened, you can see beyond this world. You will be able to perceive different realities.

Science has not evolved enough to completely explain and decode multiple dimensions. You have to rely on Spiritual practices to experience it on your own. Quantum Physics is the one of the answers currently available that partially explains Spirituality. There will come a time when enough spiritual progress has been made by ‘Enlightened Man’ to travel inter-dimensionally, similar to how we travel across cities. Until that day arrives, keep that vibe up!

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