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The Power of Thoughts: How your thoughts shape your reality

by OfficialTEB

If the mind, body, soul and spirit are in alignment, you can use the power of thoughts to manifest the life that you desire. This isn’t fringe pseudo science. This is the universal truth that had been buried for centuries and has resurfaced again at just the right time.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

Every action requires a thought. Whether you are walking your dog or whether you are eating an ice cream or taking a shower, it always begins with a thought. You would have thought about a thing first before doing it. So, you turn thoughts into actions and you think before you do things. You take these thoughts and convert them into physical actions. The same is true with material objects, experiences, situations or people. You can “think” them into existence. You can literally use your thoughts to bring an object, experience, situation or person into your life. This is called the Law of Attraction (LOA). You attract into your life, whatever you think about.

Let us assume, for example, that whatever you think of, appears instantly in another realm or world (call it the “thought world” if you want). You think of an apple and an apple appears instantly in that world. There is not time gap between thinking and manifestation in the “thought world”. Everything appears instantly with the snap of a finger. So, you can instantly get any desired object, experience, situation or person for yourself with your thoughts in the “thought world”.

Coming back to the real world (the 3D world you live in), the same law as the “thought world” holds true, except for the the fact that there is a time gap between your thoughts and the manifestation process i.e what you think about will not appear instantly, but will be manifested as a whole in due course of time. This time gap is important and necessary so that you can rectify any negative thoughts that get in your mind. Instantly making a giant monster appear with your thoughts would not be so great, would it? This is why the time gap between the thoughts and manifestation plays a crucial role in our world. But it doesn’t take away any credibility or power from the law of attraction. It works in this world just as it does in the realm of thoughts.

Thoughts hold more value in your life than you think. Whatever you think about, is attracted in to your lives. Whether it is wealth or the lack of it, good health or a physical ailment, a new house, a trip or a vacation, a promotion or even other people and life experiences, every thing is attracted into your life (defined as your ‘reality’). This Universal law, that had been buried in history, tells us that “Thoughts become things”.

Everything we see around us is made up of pure Energy. Physical objects we see around us, like the chair you are sitting on right now or even the laptop or mobile that you’re reading this article on, are made up of atoms; and atoms are pure energy made up of 99.9% empty space. We literally live in a world that feels solid but is not. It is an energetically vibrating world that “appears” to be solid. It is a world in harmonic motion. Each thought that comes to your mind also has an energetic vibration, similar to these physical objects or experiences. Each thought has a specific frequency and this frequency can be measured with instruments. When you think about something, your mind sends this vibration (of the thoughts) outwards into the Universe. The Universe then provides you with experiences that match the vibration of your thoughts. In short, like attracts like.

What you think about will come in to your reality as a thing, a person or an experience. Whether you attract these experiences consciously or unconsciously, the law will always hold true. So, when you desire a trip to Europe, this “thought” will send out a vibration to the Universe. The similar vibration of the “experience” is matched and sent to you by the Universe (like attracts like) and you will end up taking your desired trip to Europe. If you think about owning a red car, the Universe will match your thoughts with the vibration of a red car and you will attract it in to your reality.

The reverse is also true. If you think about the “lack of money” to take that trip or to buy that car, the vibration of the thought is in alignment with the “lack of money” and you will keep attracting the same situation where in you will be lacking money to do what you desire. This is because your thoughts are in the wrong place and the Universe is merely giving you situations which are a vibrational match to your thoughts.

The Universe doesn’t judge a good thought from a bad thought. It merely sends your way the experience that is a vibrational match to your corresponding thoughts. So, to think that the Universe will only manifest the good things that you think about is a common mistake people make. If you think about that debt you have, you will keep piling on more debt. If you think about the various ways you have to pay of your debt and be more abundant, then you will keep finding solutions or sources to pay off that debt and become more abundant. Either way, it is your mind that controls what you invite into your reality. This is the reason why those who talk about their illness are the one who face the most health problems. They invite into their life whatever they think about and talk about the most.

Thoughts are one of the means to control your life experiences. You create your own reality. Many of the most successful people in the world like business tycoons, actors, sportsmen and other celebrities are well aware of the law of attraction. They are highly driven and turn thoughts into action and end results using this secret. You will rarely see a successful person repeatedly complaining about their life situations. In fact, most of them talk about how blessed they are. The more they focus on their blessings and the good things, the more they keep attracting it into their lives.

When you stand at the edge of a cliff or a canyon and scream your name, your own voice echoes back to you. Think of the Universe as that canyon or a mountain. It echoes your own thoughts back to you in the form of your reality and life experiences.

You may either use the power of your thoughts to change your life or you may keep complaining about where you are and see more of the unwanted situations in your life. You can play the blame game as much as you like, trying to hold something else responsible for where you are, but until you change your perception and your thinking, you will not change your life and attract the things you desire. Nobody is responsible for where you are except you. You consciously or unconsciously attract experiences into your reality. Sometimes it may seem as though you did not “desire” for something to happen and yet it did (like an accident or a lawsuit for example). Such experiences feel beyond your control. But it is because you have not consciously used Law of Attraction and become in tune with your inner self. Once you become conscious of the workings of this secret, you will begin to notice the positive changes in your life.

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