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Your Spiritual awareness is your most important gift

Your Spiritual awareness is your most important gift

by OfficialTEB

Each day when you wake up, you tend to follow the same routine. You brush your teeth, take a shower, force feed on a breakfast of processed food and follow the same route to drive to a job that is slowly sucking the soul out of you. But amidst this mechanical existence, you reach a tipping point and a slow awakening begins within you.


This awakening is a beautiful and a very essential phenomenon. As you begin this journey, you realize that you had a mechanical existence, but now you are relaxed.

As your awareness becomes clearer, your robotic existence slowly disappears. This is because pure awareness and a robotic existence cannot co-exist.

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In the real world, you are expected to efficient. Efficient at your job, efficient at all the tasks, efficient in meeting other people’s expectations and so on. You are never expected to be aware. This efficiency is an attribute of machines. You become more mechanical each time a situation demands efficiency….and your awareness disappears.

But awareness is your real inner being. While efficiency will help you succeed, it will never help you in a Spiritual awakening. It will help you earn money and success, but in your quest to be more efficient, you lose ourselves and become more robot like. In such a quest, you sell yourself cheaply because what you gain in return is just temporary.

There have been billions of people who have existed before us on this planet, many of whom were rich and successful. But time has forgotten most of these men and women. They have left no footprints behind and very few remember them.

The only few people who have continued to live in our loving memories are not the most successful or the richest, but these are the ones who had an awareness of our Spiritual existence and lived with a soul.

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Rumi, Lao Tzu and many others are the ones who will go on living in time, even when humanity has technologically advanced to unprecedented levels. This is because of a simple reason that these souls never compromised their awareness for pursuing efficiency, or anything else for that matter.

And just like them, awareness has to be your priority. Living from your soul and being in touch with your inner being must surpass any other quest in life.

The next time you wake up in the morning to follow the same daily routine, you will be aware. Perhaps, you will not be as robotic as before, or not as efficient as before, but you will have a sense of awareness as never before.

Being less efficient does not matter when you realize that you are moving through life with a calm Zen like demeanor that you did not have before. You will remain contented with your calmness and your awareness.

There is no other virtue in life that is more important than your Spiritual awakening, and that begins only through awareness. Never risk awareness to fit into a society where you don’t belong.

Awareness is the seed that will lead you to becoming the mighty oak tree of Spiritual awakening. The fulfillment of your soul’s destiny begins with this divine awareness of the present moment.

What you do may not be efficient, as you go into deeper states of your awareness. So what? It may not be as efficient as before, but it will have a new meaning. It will carry a beauty and a divine grace that is invaluable. No machine would come close to matching the beauty of your action coming from this state of awareness of the present moment.

For a man that is aware, each moment is filled with a divine beauty that is reflected in the smallest of his actions. You can hear it when he speaks, you can see it in his eyes and you can feel it in his presence.


When you reach that state of awareness, your existence in this Universe is a celebration.

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