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What do people around you feel that you have changed

What do people around you feel that you have changed?

by OfficialTEB

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that “You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice”. This deep observation points to us the ever-changing nature of this reality. Just like you cannot touch the same water twice in a river that’s ever-flowing, our world is constantly changing. Spiritual evolution and changing with the flow occurs naturally when you follow the Universal order.


A person never remains the same throughout their lifetime if they’re on a spiritual path. Once you become spiritual, your outlook on this reality evolves as time progresses. This means that just as you cannot step into the same river twice, you cannot meet the same person twice. The person you met a decade ago may not be the same person you meet today. The person you met last year, last month, or even last week may not be the same person you meet today. I will go one step further to add that we may be evolving and changing as we interact and may not be the same people by the end of this discourse.

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The mind resists change. It fears change. It has a natural tendency to get fixated on ideas. Change brings about a reconfiguration of your entire mental model. Each time something changes, your entire mental model about that thing changes. It means you have to rearrange your inner being. The mind naturally resists this change of your inner being. This is why it fears it.

The mind finds comfort in what it already knows. It wants to live with fixed ideas and modes of thinking. It is driven by this sense of conformity. So, when you make friends with other people of your age group in childhood, you become close and might even become best friends. They will form mental constructs and fixed ideas about who you are. But you are not an idea, neither are you fixed. You are a being connected to the source creator. When you step into the outside world and have your experiences and ways of thinking stretched to new dimensions, it creates an evolved version of you. The same happens when you are on a spiritual awakening process. While you may once have enjoyed something, you find it meaningless now or while you may have enjoyed partying at one point in your life, you find quiet solitude more soulful now. This is why you hear people say that you’ve changed. It is not you who has changed, it is the others who have remained the same. If you are ever-evolving on the spiritual path, you will outgrow the mental model people form about you. People might think that they liked you, but they only liked the idea of who they thought you were; and now that you’ve outgrown those fixed ideas through an awakening process, it usually comes with a breakaway from relations that add no more value to your spiritual evolution.

Being fixed on an idea is as good as clinging to something because you’re comfortable. You’re not an idea. You’re much more than that.

So many will come into your life. So many will leave. Most will not realize this basic nature of reality. Most will only become fascinated with their own idea of you, and that idea will become the main focus. You will become secondary.

There will always be a conflict between the evolved you and the ideas they cling to. People will rather stay the same than tread the path of spiritual awakening with you because this is not meant for everyone. Awakening comes with discomfort and unless you’re ready to shatter your mental constructs to form new ones, you cannot pass.

When people cling to ideas of you, what they have are just memories of the past versions of you. It is simply like a photograph you carry because images don’t change. They are static. They collect these photographs in their mind. But photographs can never represent who you are. It can only represent what is dead. It can never represent what is alive and in the “now”.

People who are comfortable and well-adjusted with others are usually the ones who are dead. They are living in the superficial biological sense, but truly dead inside both spiritually and in an existential sense. When people have fixed ideas and mental models of thinking, everything goes perfectly when things are not evolving. They need other dead people who don’t change, who go on saying the same things in life and believing the same false systems of the matrix. People who are consistent and well-adjusted will get respected. The greatest courage is to be capable of not only seeing the change but moving with it. It may be difficult, but certainly better than being dead with an idea.


If you are truly living, you will be changing and evolving on every vibratory level. You will be inconsistent. You will at times even be self-contradictory. But you are awakening on your journey. You have chosen not to die before you die. You will live fully till your last breath and until then you will keep evolving and leaving everyone guessing. People can make any image of you all they want to satisfy themselves, but only you know that it is not you; for you have joined in the cosmic dance. You are poetry in motion.

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